Architect and Visual artist living in Nice

Born March 1, 1980 

First steps in architecture developing drafting programs in Los Angeles.
Received a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Design from the University USB in Colombia, a postgraduate degree in Metropolitan Environmental Management from the University UBA in Argentina and a postgraduate degree in Architecture and Technology (thesis based on Structural Design with Glass) from the University UTDT in Argentina.

Projects have been featured in publications including VICE Magazine France (May 2014), Ferias & Congresos Argentina, No. 157 (2010 Book Fair – review, pages 029), and Ferias & Congresos Argentina, No. 151 (2009 Ephemeral Architecture – review, page 075).

Chief Editor of SOPA, a multidisciplinary artist publication that explores the Colombian experience in Paris.

Co-founder of the 3A, a low impact building innovation platform for architectural projects (beta stage).